Russian language courses and tutoring for foreigners from an experienced native speaker tutor who is certified and has more than 6 years of teaching experience
ksenia volkova
  • To meet your love and to speak the same
language with a partner
  • To open a business in a Russian-speaking country
  • To study in a Russian-speaking country
  • To expand the horizons of your education
  • To visit a Russian-speaking country and you need to build your travel vocabulary
  • To learn to speak Russian
You are in the right
place if you want:
I am Ksenia, nice to meet you!
I am a certified native Russian language tutor, who has taught Russian in the diplomatic field for more than 6 years, which means I have experience communicating with people of different nationalities, religions and views.

I really love motivating my students to learn one of the most difficult languages in the world. Learning Russian with me is always fun!
I work with all levels of Russian
language proficiency (from A1 (elementary) to C2 (proficiency)
The duration of my classes varies: individual classes - 60 minutes; group classes - 90 minutes
I use modern Russian textbooks
Lessons as a fun and not boring process
Classes are held on the Zoom platform
I teach in English and in Russian
Game learning style
My classes are both: individual and group format
About my classes
We agree on a trial lesson
You pay for a package of lessons
I am asking you a few questions about your Russian language level and about your language goals
I will reply to you
within 24 hours
We start our lessons according to your personal program and you are already on your way to Russian language fluency!
You write me in direct
messages in Instagram;
How can you join to my individual lessons?
Why is studying in my mini-groups a benefit for you?
Expert Guidance:
Small Group Setting:
Emphasis on Speaking Skills:
Pronunciation and Grammar Focus:
Affordable and Effective:
  • Benefit from personalized instruction and guidance from a highly experienced and qualified tutor.

  • With my background in the diplomatic field, you’ll gain unique insights into the language and culture, making your learning experience more enriching and relevant.
  • With a maximum of 4 students per class, you’ll receive ample individual attention while also enjoying the advantages of collaborative learning.

  • Engage in interactive activities, role-plays, and discussions, fostering a dynamic and engaging atmosphere for language acquisition.
Our classes prioritize speaking practice, providing you with frequent opportunities to converse and express yourself in Russian. Through dedicated speaking sessions, you’ll rapidly build your fluency and communication skills, preparing you for real-life interactions.
  • Delve into the intricacies of Russian pronunciation and grammar under the guidance of a skilled instructor.

  • Gain a solid foundation in the languages structure, enabling you to communicate accurately and confidently.
Enjoy high-quality instruction at an affordable rate. Group classes offer exceptional value for money, allowing you to acces professional tutoring and interactive learning experiences at a significantly lower cost compared to individual lessons.
Choose your Program
(1, 5, 10, lessons)
Trial lesson
Mini-group lessons (up to 6 people)
Tailored Russian learning Roadmap
Russian Language Proficiency Test
Unveiling Russian Pronunciation Secrets
20$ - 64 BYN
  • Zoom session access
  • Access to tests and a library of study materials
  • Checking homework
  • Feedback from the teacher
  • Speaking practice on every lesson
  • WhatsApp chat with teacher
  • The opportunity to ask any questions to the teacher
A full-fledged professional consultation that allows you to determine your level of knowledge of the Russian language
We talk about all the details of our lessons
The opportunity to ask any questions related to the
learning process to the teacher
Discover the joy of learning Russian in a supportive and dynamic group environment with our A1 level group classes! Led by me, a certified tutor in Russian as a foreign language, with 6 years of extensive experience, including in the diplomatic field, our classes offer a comprehensive and
immersive learning experience!
Are you looking to accurately determine your proficiency level in the Russian language?

Look no further than my modern test-based lesson that will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your skills. I will guide you through a series of assessments to assess your speaking,
listening, reading, and writing abilities in Russian! Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced learner, this lesson will help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement. Take the guesswork out of your language learning journey and sign up for our level determination lesson today!
5$ - 16 BYN
  • based on the techniques used by TV presenters to ensure correct pronunciation of Russian!
  • suitable for all levels of Russian proficiency (from beginners to advanced)!
  • purely practical and includes feedback from the tutor during the sessions!
  • the most important bonus: you will be able to get rid of your accent!
  • each lesson lasts 60 minutes
  • a personal chat with the tutor throughout the course
  • the tutorials stay with you forever
The strategic session includes the following stages:
  • setting clear and achievable language learning goals,
  • analyzing and evaluating your current level of language proficiency (point A)
  • developing an individual action plan appropriate to your personal learning style and goals
60 minutes meeting + 120 minutes strategic session
150$ - 485 BYN
10 lessons
200$ - 647 BYN
Individual lessons
There is a 20$ discount on this package!
1 lesson - 25$- 81 BYN
5 lessons - 125$ - 405 BYN
10 lessons - 225$ - 728 BYN
Mini-group lessons
5 lessons - 50$ - 161 BYN
10 lessons - 100$ - 323 BYN
By opting for group classes, you not only benefit from comprehensive language instruction but also gain valuable practice opportunities and cultural insights through interaction with peers. Join us for just $10 per lesson, and embark on an exciting journey to master basic spoken Russian in just six months!
Throughout the course, you will cover a range of essential topics, each carefully selected to facilitate practical language use and cultural understanding!
Here’s a detailed overview of the program:
By covering these topics, you will not only build a solid linguistic foundation but also gain practical skills that are directly applicable to real-life scenarios!
The cost for each one-hour group class is just $10 USD!
Introduction and Greetings
Everyday Vocabulary
Basic Grammar Structures
Numbers and Time
Food and Dining
Around the City
You will learn how to introduce yourself, greet others, and engage in basic social interactions. This foundational topic equips you with the ability to initiate conversations and establish rapport in real-life settings, such as meeting new people or navigating everyday social encounters.
The program includes an emphasis on everyday vocabulary related to common objects, activities, and routines. By acquiring vocabulary for daily living, you can confidently navigate day-to-day situations, whether it be shopping, describing their surroundings, or expressing basic needs!
You will be introduced to fundamental grammar structures, including verb conjugation, sentence formation, and basic word order.
Understanding numbers and telling time is crucial for practical communication. You will learn to discuss dates, tell time, and engage in basic numerical calculations, enabling them to manage appointments, schedule activities, and comprehend timetables or schedules.
Exploring topics related to food, dining, and ordering in restaurants will equip you with the language skills necessary to navigate dining experiences, express preferences, and understand common menu items. This knowledge is invaluable for travel, socializing, and engaging in culinary experiences.
You will learn vocabulary and phrases related to locations, directions, transportation, and asking for and giving simple instructions. Mastering these topics empowers learners to confidently navigate urban environments, ask for directions, and interact with locals during travel or daily commutes.

I’ve got a great new Russian pronunciation course that's going to help you nail that accent! Your instructor is a pro with six years of experience in the field! This course has been meticulously designed based on the renowned methods employed by TV presenters, ensuring the correct pronunciation of the Russian language.
If you want to learn how to say Russian words perfectly, this is the course for you. It's proven methods will help you reach your goals. Become the master of your pronunciation journey and start speaking Russian like a native.
«ClearSpeak» course is perfect for beginners or advanced learners. I'll give you 10 one-on-one sessions where you'll learn all the phonetic rules for Russian. You'll do lots of practical exercises and tasks to improve your articulation and overall pronunciation.
The exercises cover different topics and themes, so you'll really see progress! Give it a try, it's totally worth it! My course is all about personal attention. Every lesson is tailored just for you, so you get all the help you need to improve your Russian. Your teacher will give you personalized feedback throughout the course, making sure you're getting the best results possible!
The goal is for you to be able to speak Russian confidently and accurately. You can do it at your own pace, whenever it's convenient for you. I offer individual lessons so you can work at your own speed.
Hi there!
10 individual lessons

200$ - 647 BYN
Introducing the exclusive strategy session for independent Russian language learners! With this session, you will gain the following benefits:
By investing in this strategic session, you are taking responsibility for your journey through the world of the Russian language. I provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support you need to achieve a high level of Russian language proficiency on your terms. Start your journey today and unlock the doors to the Russian language!
Develop a well-structured action plan:
Individualized learning:
Overcome obstacles:
Minimize foreign accent:
Ongoing support and resources:
This comprehensive session will help you create a clear and achievable plan for learning Russian over a six-month period. Say goodbye to random studying and hello to an organized approach.
Instead of spending hours on individual lessons with a teacher, you will receive a complete action plan tailored specifically to your personal learning style and goals in just two hours.
During the strategic session, we will identify potential obstacles you may encounter when learning Russian. You will receive detailed solutions that will equip you with the knowledge and understanding needed to overcome these difficulties.
Our session will analyze various linguistic aspects, including grammar, pronunciation, intonation tricks, and phonetic rules. By paying attention to these important details, you'll be able to minimize your foreign accent.
After the session, you will have access to constant communication and personal support for a month. This means any issues or questions you have can be addressed promptly. Additionally, you will have access to educational materials and curated links, such as podcasts, films, and adapted texts, that will enrich your learning experience.
60 minutes meeting + 120 minutes strategic session - 150$ - 485 BYN
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